How Many Grams a Cup Weighs

We all grow up using cups for taking beverages. We covered previously but ever wondered how a cup itself weighs? Interestingly, many people never think of this especially when enjoying a cup of coffee to the last tasty drop.

Paper cups

The question here is not about a cup containing anything such as flour or tea, it’s about an empty cup’s weight. Or, how heavy will an empty cup feel on your hand. The weight of a cup plays a huge role in deciding who will use it. Of course you wouldn’t want your 2 year old taking tea with your ceramic coffee mug! Before we explore different cup weights in grams, let’s consider what contributes to the cups weight in the first place.

The weight of a cup is largely determined by the materials used in its creation. The most common materials used include, paper, plastic, metal, ceramic, glass or a combination of two or more materials. Let’s look at the weights individually.

Plastic cups Paper cups are made from paper lined with wax or plastic. Although paper is really light, the lining makes the paper cup a bit heavy. The weight of the cup therefore depends on the thickness and weight of the lining applied. It also depends on the paper grade used. There is no standard weight for paper cups. Two good examples are the Dixie perfect touch 12oz insulated paper cup and the Dixie paper cold cups weighing 340 grams and 255 grams respectively.

With regard to plastic, how many grams a cup has largely depends on the type of plastic used. The common plastics used in manufacturing plastic cups are Polyethylene terephthalate and, Polyethylene Terephthalate.